Join our protest against the profiteering eurocrats

The extremely shocking television broadcast Terzake (Canvas TV, Belgium) of Tuesday July 24, 2012, revealed how Eurocrats fill their pockets with high salaries and perks. Including generous allowances and representation costs a European Commissioner earns a whopping €27.318 per month. A resigned European Commissioner earns a retirement allowance of €8,200 per month during three years. Without ever having had to pay one single pension premium, a retired European Commissioner gets a pension of €4.717 per month.

Newly-appointed young EU civil servants receive €4.676 net per month. Their net salary is higher that their gross salary thanks to all the generous perks.

A Member of the European Parliament gets a total of €13.500 per month. It is very shocking that a large number of MEPs earn additional incomes (€100.000 in the example given in the broadcast) in all sorts of extra jobs, while there may even be serious conflicts of interest.

The Party for freedom says: Not a cent of our tax money to Brussels as long as this perverse profiteering continues!


The results of this website will be presented to Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council, before the European Summit of October 18, 2012.

Click here to watch the Canvas TV programme. 

The Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) is a political party in the Netherlands. In the 2010 general election it won 24 seats (15.5 percent), making it the third largest party in the country. The party stands for a free, independent and sovereign Netherlands.